Deeper Meaning

Unveiling more Truth!


HINT;  You’ll need to open your Bible on this one to Ephesians 6:10-17


Review / Overview:  Two fascinating – easy to overlook truths.

1.)     Have you noticed the 6 pieces of armor “spiritually” come in pairs? The order is on purpose.

Truth and Righteousness come together.   Think about it, you can’t have one without the other.

Notice that Peace comes connected to Faith.  How could you have one without the other?

Salvation and the Word of God may seem like less of a pair, but how could we know without

God’s Word?  Remember the ability to receive salvation is called “Good News!” (Romans 10:14-17)


2.)     Please take time to consider that each piece of armor requires action.  It’s right in the passage.

The Belt has to be buckled.  Think what that says and means about locking in Truth.

The Breast Plate has to be set in place: the proper place.  Righteousness can’t be sloppy.

The Shoes, like any pair, they have to be fitted.  It has to be personal, if you’re going to be ready.

The Shield has to be picked up. It’s not just what we know; it’s important what we hold on to.

The next two pieces we’ve yet to study, but can you guess why they are they’re slightly different? The first four pieces were laid out for the solider, but the last two were handed to them.

The Helmet had to be (taken) received. What a picture!  Salvation can’t be “gotten” on our own.

The Sword, it goes without saying, has to be grasped.  But don’t miss it; The Word is given to us!


Two Part Lesson:  As you take inventory of your armor, what’s missing, or the weakest part, for you?

First let’s evaluate if we’re living in Truth and Righteousness.  No one is truly living in truth without living in righteousness.  No one can be righteous without recognizing what is true.  Then adding the other half of our lesson, we must check if that truth is buckled, locked in with righteousness set in place.


Could there be some who attempt or desire to have peace without faith?  Sorry, it can’t be done. To obtain peace we must believe; believe in what is unseen.  We also must realize and accept the peace as ours.  We can’t use our parents or grandparents peace, or faith.  Have you ever seen a small child trying to walk in their parents adult shoes?  It doesn’t work for long.  Each of us must take up our own faith and receive our own peace.


Then, the last pair, Salvation and the Word.  Way to many “Christians” attempt to live out their salvation without living in the Word.   These two amazing gifts of God; His forgiveness of our sins and His communication to us, often in story form, so that we can understand.  We dare not neglected either of these two gifts.  In a way, it ends up being what we’re talking about today.  Attempting to do it on our own.  It can’t be done.  Just as you receive salvation and hopefully live in that gift, accept and use the gift of the Word.   It’s a part of the armor and a part of how our lives are changed for the better.


Take some time this week, possibly rereading this lesson, but for sure thinking through if you have put each piece of armor into Action