Welcome to Grace Missionary!

If you’re new to Grace, you may have a few questions about our worship gathering.
We’ve provided some frequently asked questions and answers below to help when visiting us for the first time.


What time is the service?
Our worship gathering begins at 10:15 on Sunday mornings. Our physical address is 510 Portland St, Celina, Ohio 45822.
How do I dress?
Our church is truly an informal, come-as-you-are church. People wear anything from jeans and t-shirts to a suit and tie. We care more that you’re able to connect with Jesus through the worship and message, and not be worried about what you’re wearing. No one will judge you, so come as you are.
What happens during the service?

For the most part our service begins with a brief welcome and announcements, then a time of singing together, followed by a time of praying for one another. Then we’ll open God’s word together and seek to understand what the passage is saying and how it applies to our lives today. Our gathering time finishes with a song, or with Communion and a song, depending on the Sunday.


Am I expected to give an offering (money)?
Whether you are a visitor or a regular attender, we expect you to follow what God wants you to do. Our church does not tell people what to give or how much to give; however, God does tell us, so we want people to respond in how He leads them. At the main doors of the sanctuary, we have provided offering plates for people to use in giving their tithe/offering (envelopes are provided if you need one).


What are the messages like?
Typically, our pastor teaches through a book of the Bible, seeking to learn God’s message and application for us today. Other times we teach on Biblical themes or doctrines of the faith. The point of every message is always to “equip the church to do the work of the ministry,” and we strive to do this intentionally and practically.


What Bible translation do you use?
Our pastor preaches using the ESV, but people are free to use whichever translation is easier for them to understand and study. Within each pew are NIV Bibles for those that do not have a Bible with them.


Is there handicap access?
There are no steps to climb to enter our building or sanctuary, and everything is pretty much on one floor (our Kid’s Ministry does have steps to climb).
Is there a nursery?
For those with infants, there is a nursery next to the sanctuary that is open and available if needed. Right now, we are asking a parent to sit in with their child while using the nursery. There is sound proof glass and a speaker in the nursery so you can still participate in the service.