Key Friends,
The following reports are for your encouragement and prayer.  Some names and locations have been omitted for security reasons,

From: Jonathan in Malaysia  (8/27/14)

Nepali Workers -We were privileged to be part of a celebration marking the ten year anniversary of the Nepali work we have helping with lately. It was great to see all the local church leaders, missionaries, and Nepali leaders that have been working to see this movement get going. 
 Kishor & Lettie
Kishor is from Nepal, and Lettie is from Mexico. They both served with Y…. in their countries and met during a global conference. They served together in Nepal for many years before moving to Penang. There are almost a million Nepali migrant workers in Malaysia and they are quite open to the the Spirit. Ten years ago, our church here began a ministry to these workers and Kishor has now taken the reigns of that ministry. He has been developing and discipling leaders to make disciples who make disciples and now there are some 500 Nepalis meeting regularly in about 19 different groups around the area.
Alvin & Alicia
Alvin and Alicia are Chinese Malaysians. He works in industrial machine sales and she works at a bank. Until recently, he was the pastor of the church we are part of here. Over the last several years he has restructured the church leadership to rely less on a senior pastor and more on a group of elders who carry out the various leadership roles in the body. He is one of those elders. He is also working with other believers to build relationships and launch disciple making movements in several communities including some highly sensitive and closed groups. These works are in the beginning stages.
Albert & Meng
Albert and Meng Eng are a Chinese Malaysian couple who have been in ministry for a long time. Albert pastored one of the larger church networks in town before retiring to give leadership to a group of seven churches seeking to work together in Kingdom work. They also have started a school for Rohingya (Burmese M*sl*m) refugee children. They are still involved in these projects, but have refocused much of their time to launch a new movement they are calling the “Salt Shakers”. This will be a network of small groups of believers meeting together in response to the disciple making mission. This work is also in its beginning stages, but already has momentum due to Albert’s reputation.

From: Larry Y  (8/22/14)
I wanted you know that we have reached a milestone here at Keputih today.  As you know, this morning we had a training program for a select group of students from the Bunga Bangsa school in Keputih.  The resulting excitement led the head school mistress to request that she bring her entire elementary and junior high teaching staff for a program in the afternoon.
So, this afternoon we had about 20-25 teachers from Bunga Bangsa school come for an orientation to our agricultural program.  Once again, the people were very excited about what we are doing and what we have planned for the future.
My thanks goes to Petrus who took the initiative to teach some of the groups this morning about  container gardening and the construction in particular of the tube gardens.  And to Dr. Michael, who filled in very well leading part of the afternoon’s tour for the teachers.  And although he wasn’t here today for the programs, last week Eko was instrumental in helping teach our session on “square-foot” gardening.  All three of these staff members will be important in not only sharing with the public, but as teachers and trainers for the programs we are developing at KeSOUF.
I say that today was a milestone here at Keputih, because this is the first time that we have had community members come in for a tour, a training and an orientation in the agriculture program.  It was a milestone also because one of our primary goals is to expose and train community leaders in agriculture, and we had 20-25 Keputih teachers (community leaders) come to experience the KeSOUF program.  
We want to see this happen more and more, and Petrus an I have begun talking about connecting with the other schools in Keputih to orient them, as well.
We are still “under construction” and have a way to go, but people can already see what we are doing, and we can begin to encourage them to get involved.  Here is where we can really use the YPK volunteer program to get people to come help.
Also, together with our weekly staff training, the visits today gave us more insight as how we might want to establish training workshops, field days and farm days, public tours (eco-tours) and public open-houses.
Next Wednesday Ou and I leave early for Thailand and will return 12 September, So we will see who will conduct the weekly training next… Petrus???
Say, I think there’s a plant or two here just waiting for you to come and plant!  Come out and join us in the garden!  See you soon…