July 2015
Jeff and our 2younger children along with our good friend Laura have arrived in Chiang Mai, Thailand. We are less than 2 weeks away until the birth of
Alyssa Rose and we cannot wait! Jeff has been very busy getting the greenhouse project up and running before he left. The 2 young ones have been doing a great job being good for daddy as mommy has been away for a month. Kaylee and Shauna have continued on with school while in Chiang Mai. She is into her 6th week of nd grade and doing a great job. Due to the measles outbreak in Mongolia Shauna and the kids will not be returning with Jeff to Mongolia. Alyssa cannot be vaccinated and it is been recommended to not take the risk of her catching the measles.
Surviving vs Thriving
The past month Shauna and I have survived separately. While Shauna and Kaylee did better at thriving Ava,
Jeffrey, and I did not thrive, we simply survived. In walking with people we want to see them not simply
survive in their faith we want to see our leaders thrive. Narantsetseg a church leader has now gone on her 4th or 5th
outreach. We are very pleased to see her thrive in this setting. She has been able to truly listen to believers and
meet their needs. Her own faith has grown and her abilities to serve her own church. Her husband is now a
co-leader with her and in many ways they are a couple serving together. This has been our prayer for years.
Last fall we helped a church leader reopen their shower house. The family is now providing a service to their
community and making a little money on the side. We built another greenhouse this year and are now working
with 6 families. Just last week we dug a well for another leader we pray this will help him and his family thrive.
Life is always a mix of surviving and thriving. Shauna and I will thrive here for a while as we welcome Alyssa into
our family. Then back to surviving as we spend more time a part. Isn’t living exciting!


Our HMA starts in October and Jeff will be flying to Phoenix with his co-worker Tsegmed. He will be with
us for a month as we visit with church’s and pastors. They will then leave for a conference at the end of
October and Jeff will return back to the states on his own to continue our HMA. We don’t have much
scheduled yet, so if you want to see us please email us and we will get you on the schedule. We will be staying
in Fort Wayne, IN the whole time but are prepared to travel to any church over the weekends. We are looking
forward to sharing how God has been working in Mongolia.
Prayer Requests
  • Pray for Shauna and Alyssa for continued good health and that the birthing process will go smoothly for
    her and Alyssa.
  • Pray for our friends and co-workers back home to continue on in the ministry that God has called them to do.
  • Pray for Jeff as he will be returning to Mongolia. He will be very busy with work until he comes back
    to the U.S.in October.
  • Pray for Shauna and the kids as we will be apart from Jeff for 2 1⁄2 months.